Robotics Science

Robotics Science

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This robotics introduction teaches the basics of the robot world, offering robot information covering everything from artificial intelligence to robot mechanics and robots in industries such as car manufacturing and the military.


What does the word ‘robotics’ mean? - The science or study of the technology associated with the design, fabrication, theory, and application of robots.

What about ‘robot’? - Robots are any machine that does work on its own, automatically.

Artificial Intelligence

The ability of a computer or other machine to perform those activities that are normally thought to require intelligence. It is also referred to as the branch of computer science concerned with the development of machines having this ability.

Some questions to think about:

Will robots ever really be able to think for themselves?

Will computers ever be smarter than humans? Are they already?

Will robots ever pose a threat to humans?

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Robot Mechanics

As well as programming robots to be as intelligent as possible, scientists also work hard on building robot that can perform a number of complex movements as well as utilizing a variety of sensors.

Important things to think about:

Purpose - What is the robot being built to do?

Materials - What will be used to build the robot? (Plastic, metal etc)



Center of gravity

Sensory inputs - Vision, Hearing, Touch, Smell, Taste.

Robots in Industry

Robots are ideal for doing precise, repetitive or dangerous tasks. Around 90% of robots are used in factories with half of these being used in the automobile industry.

Robots and robotic arms are frequently used for:

Car manufacturing

Military - Bomb disposal, weapons, army surveillance

Medical - Surgery, X-Rays, life support

Space - Shuttles, International Space Station, mars rovers

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Why Robots are needed?

Robots are enhancing productivity, safety, and efficiency across whole industries—from manufacturing and healthcare to agriculture, construction, and transportation. In the process, we are being freed to pursue more creative, ambitious, and intellectual achievements. Incredible new opportunities are emerging, but they require specialized skills. This program will teach you exactly what you need to know to join the new generation of engineers who are changing our world for the better by leveraging the power of robotics to extend our capabilities in innovative and beneficial new ways.

Workshop features

Training by Industry Experts

Training As per Industry Requirement Advanced Courses

100 % Practical Approach

Interactive workshop Attention to each student

Exposure to live environment

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How this program is going to help the new generation?

Why should it be taught in schools?

There is considerable anecdotal evidence that students respond well in subjects involving programming of robots.

Robots lend themselves to do-it-yourself activities. For example, a colleague builds robots using a 3D printer and uses his smart phone as an interactive device to communicate with the printed robot.

Here are five reasons to teach robotics in schools:

1. Children find it fun
There are several competitions for a range of age groups that can channel competitive instincts in a positive way. For example, asking children to build a robot and then running a race to see which robot goes fastest works well. In my experience, the two most engaging ways of introducing IT in the curriculum are robotics and computer game design.

2. Effective way of introducing programming to students
Programming can be too abstract. By having to control a physical robot and seeing what goes wrong, students learn what robots can and can’t do. They also learn the need for precise instructions. Robotics helps address the growing demand for teaching science, technology, engineering and maths in schools. As well as exemplifying technology directly by programming the robot, students also learn about science, engineering and maths and get an understanding of how these subjects link together.

3. Provides skills useful in future employment
There’s no doubt that there will be a need for people to be involved in programming mechanical devices in the foreseeable future. The drone industry has taken off. According to The Economist, more than 15,000 drones are being sold in the US each month. By programming robots, students can discover if they have aptitude and interest in a job market of the future.

4. Suitable for children with a range of abilities
There is [considerable evidence] that robots are particularly suitable for engaging with children on the autism spectrum. Children on the spectrum respond to the calm, clear, consistent interactions that robots can provide. ASK NAO is a suite of games that have been developed for the NAO robots to teach autistic children. Milo is a robot developed by US startup Robokind to help autistic children. Repetition, predictability and clear emotions work well.

5. Demystifies a complex technology
Many stories in the media concern robots – one of the most recent focused on a report urging the United Nations to ban drones and “killer robots”. Another report by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia warned that robots could replace 40% of Australian jobs by 2025 - which equates to around 5 million jobs over the next two decades. Understanding what machines can and can’t do is the best way to address fears. Experience in trying to build and program robots gives appreciation of their capabilities and strengths. Personally, I am looking forward to more robotic help in the future.

Target Audience

5th standard to 12th standard, Diploma, BCA, MCA, B.E, , students of schools , colleges & coaching students are our target audience. When we talk about age group then 11+ age group can join this workshop program .

Curriculum of workshop

Day 1 (Session 1)

Company Introduction

Introduction to Robotics

Basics of Robot Electronics:

Basic Electronic Components(Resistor, Capacitor, Diode, Transistor)

Difference between Electrical and Electronics

Robot Locomotion System and Anatomy(Actuators, Types of Actuators, Driving Mechanism, Speed Control)

Day 1 (Session 2)

Motors and Controlling Circuit

Introduction to Motor

Different Types of Motor

Difference between DC motor and DC geared motor

Use of Motors in Robotics

Motors and Controlling Circuit

Interfacing of Motors

Intoduction to Transducer

What is a Sensor

Different Types of Sensor

Use of Sensor in Robotics

Working of Sensor

Operational Amplifier

Integrating Circuit

Interfacing of Sensors

Working of IR Sensor

Working of Sound Sensor

Day 2 (Session 3)

Detailed Wireless Technology

What is Wireless Technology

Advantages of using Wireless Technology

Uses of Wireless Technology

Working of Rx and Tx

Introduction to Encoder(HT12E) and Decoder(HT12D) IC

Introduction to Serial and Parallel Data

Difference between Serial and Parallel Data

Introduction to Encoder and Decoder IC

Introduction to Data Transmission using Infrared

Real-Time Working Project

Discussion on Different Algorithms

Line Following Robot Algorithms

Wall Following Robot Algorithm

Sound Operated Robot Algorithm

Light Searching Robot Algorithm

Day 2 (Session 3)

Zonal Competition

After the hand on theory and practical experience from the workshop, Zonal Round Competition will be conducted for the participants.

Certificate Distribution

On behalf of Edubloc and Efficient Brainy Certificate of Merit will be provided to all Zonal Round Winners and Certificate of Participation will be provided to all the Zonal Round Participants (Excluding Merit Participants).

Schedule of workshop

Duration : 2 days

Hours : 8 hrs. per day

Timing : 9 - 1 pm & 2-5 pm

Lunch Break : 1- 2 pm

Note : Timing of the class will be decided after proper discussion with administration too.

Lunch for the trainer will be arranged by institute.

One Trainer can train how many students

Min 50 - 100

Max 200 - 250

Make sure classroom has the capacity to accommodate these no. of students

Benefits of program

Robotics can develop problem solving skills

Robotics teaches essential decision making

Exposed to coding and programming

Robotics can be a launching pad for students to realize their passions.

A strong robotics curriculum can create leaders.

Robotics can teach students how to communicate across different technology platforms.

Robotics can lead to community involvement.

Robotics teaches essential teamwork skills.

It’s the future

Fee structure of the program

Workshops we do Duration Workshop Fee
School Robotics 2 Days (8 hours per day) 2000/- Per Head

About certification

Profile of Trainer

We have Professionals Team with highly qualified Technical Trained, Experienced Trainers with more than 60+ Team qualified with qualification like B.E, B.Tech and M.Tech. Below is one such example profile


Hold Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Punjab Technical University, Successfully delivered Over 150 Workshops delivered In PAN India as trainer.

8051 microcontroller KEIL
AVR(Atmega8/Atmega16) microcontroller AVR studio4
Quad copter Naza board Naza DLI LITE
Ethical hacking Back track, xammp
Android Ecllipse
Matlab (Image Processing) Matlab 2002, 2007, 2008, 2010.
Arduino Arduino1.0.5
PCB Designing Eagle.


Line Follower ,Wall Follower , Edge Avoider by using IR Sensor with AVR Microcontroller (ATmega8,16)

Major Project Remote Rocket Launcher.

LED pattern with AVR Microcontroller.

Actuators (dc gear motor, stepper motor, servo motor, and brushless motor) operate by AVR Microcontroller.

Light searching robot, Photophobic, Phototropic robot using light sensor.

Distance Calculating robot, Obstacle avoider using ultrasonic sensor.

Serial communication using TTL and x-bee.

Four leg walker using servo motor.

Phone operated robot using DTMF.

Robot move and stop using sound sensor.

Self balancing robot using accelerometer.

Android apps.

Image processing using Matlab.

Arduino projects.

Material provided during Workshop

Microcontroller development board with the following features: (1)

Built with popular Atmel’s AVR Microcontroller with on-board USB programming feature

On-board LCD interface option

On-board Motor Driver for connecting 2 DC motors or 1 Stepper motor

On-board regulated power supply for microcontroller & separate power supply for motor driver

Exposed I/O pins for ADC and sensors with 5V/1A power supply

One tact switch is for external input and one tact switch is for reset

Four test LEDs for status and debugging purpose & two supply indicator LEDs

Digital optical sensors with sensor cables (2)

DTMF/mobile phone controlled module with 3.5mm audio connector (1)

Sound sensor (1)

USB cable (1)

Geared DC motors with wheels (2)

Robotic vehicle chassis assembling parts (1set)

9v Battery with battery snapper (2)

Screw driver with nut-bolt pouch (1)

CD containing study materials, sample code, software etc (1)

Requirements for Running the Training Program

Edubloc and Efficient Brainy provides training to the students in the advance fields which require ample peer to peer rapport from the students. A good healthy environment will enhance understanding of the subject. So for the class room and Lab, here are some requirements from our side in the benefit of students. Because both Edubloc and Efficient Brainy and college administration share the same goal- “providing the best input to the students”

Seminar Room/Class Room equipped with the LCD Projector.

Microphone and Speaker.

Computer Lab of 05 Nodes. ( Actual figure depends on No. of Students and the fields selected).

Boarding and Lodging for SaltyART Designs Experts.

Timing of the class will be decided after proper discussion with College Administration.

Added Benefits for the Participating Students

Separate Industrial Training Certificates and Project certificate to all Participants.

Trophy & Certificates of honor to best trainee.

Competitions will be held to spot out budding talents during the training and will be awarded.

Online certificate verification for authentication.

Career guidance will be provided during the program on and life in Engineering industry - an answer of Engineering students most generalized dilemma, what to do after B.Tech .

Industrial exposure of Industry.

SaltyART Designs will provide post training assistance to the students for Final year projects

Terms and Conditions

The terms and condition are described here for the training program, so that there should be transparency between Edubloc and Efficient Brainy and the administration.

Edubloc and Efficient Brainy will send Experts for the training in the institute.

A channel partner will be there from our side who will deal in all the matters with the college/institute administration on behalf of Edubloc and Efficient Brainy. All the communication between Edubloc and Efficient Brainy and the College would be facilitated by the Channel partner.

Total No of Experts can vary depending on the no. of students.

Training Kits will also be provided to the students.

During the training a project would be undertaken that would be completed by the students.

After completion of the training program certificates will be awarded by Edubloc and Efficient Brainy.

Generally the certificates are awarded after the completion of the training program but if there is some delay then they will be awarded within fifteen days of the completion of the course.

About techkirti

TechKriti is the National Level Competition in association with SaltyART Designs and Association with TechKriti IIT Kanpur like Ethical Hacking, IOT, Digital Marketing, Quadcopter, Cloud Computing, Robotics, Catia, 3Ds Max, IOS & Android Apps Development, Raspberry Pi, Arduino AutoCAD, Python, Staad pro etc. organized by SaltyART Designs . This event will bring students from all over the places under 1 roof. Each student may show their talent in the wide variety of technology to win the competition.

The Event will be organized in 3 Different Ladders

The first 2 ladders will be organized at a particular "Zonal Center" across India in present academic year and the 3rd ladder "Grand Finale" round will be organized in the Month of March - 2018 at IIT Kanpur Campus. The details about each stage are mentioned below:

Ladder 1

Ladder 1 (Workshop round to be held at Zonal Center): Workshop on Selected technology will be held at Zonal Centers PAN India. During Workshop development kit will be provided by us to a group of 4 - 5 members (Team). All the participants who want to participate in TechKriti - 2018 are required to attend the workshop at zonal center. The Workshop will be delivered by officials of SaltyART Designs Every participant will receive a Certificate of Participation and the coordinators Certificate SaltyART Designs and TechKriti IIT Kanpur in association with TechKriti IIT Kanpur.

Ladder 2

Ladder 2 (Competition to be held at Zonal Center): Just after the workshop, a Competition (Prelims Round) of TechKriti - 2018 will be Held at the Zonal Center" among the students who have participated in the workshop. Winners of the Zonal Center round will be awarded by Certificate of Merit, and will be Eligible to participate in Final Round of event TechKriti which will be held in March - 2018 at IIT Kanpur campus.

Ladder 3

Ladder 3 (Final round to be held at IIT Kanpur): Winner of all Zonal Center would be invited to participate in the Final Round of TechKriti at IIT Kanpur 23rd to 26th March - 2018. Winners of the Final Round will win The TechKriti Competition and will be Awarded and honored by us. A Certificate of Excellence will also be awarded to the winning Teams. Winner of the Grand Finale will get Job Offer, Cash Prize Money, Awards, Training / Internship offer.

Responsibility of an organizer

Hospitality for 2 days for SaltyART and Efficient Brainy Designs team of 1 - 2 Members. Pick and drop facility from the nearest railway station / Bus Stop / Airport.

For Franchise Enquiries

Contact : +91 9742364096

Email    :

Here is an opportunity to own your own Franchise. We are expanding our programs via franchisee and partnerships. At Efficient Brainy, you become part of our team, and we are 100% committed to your Success.

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