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Damaged brain results in damaged sensory perceptions. Ordinary brain has ordinary sensory perceptions. Super brain has super sensory perceptions. When the senses are heightened, the ability to learn is naturally upgraded. We use a blindfold to train the senses, as this will help them to improve their concentration 100% on their exercises. After some time, some students do not require a blindfold as they are able to perform with their eyes closed. This is a state which we call Super concentration.


Brain Training is one that is able to activate the brain waves called alpha-theta in a child, where these waves are able to activate the super intuition, and this is directly proven. What makes it interesting, exciting is to make the child Read, Write, Paint and do some activities with his/her eyes closed. The children are able to read and do anything with eyes closed, such as guessing a card, color, reading a newspaper's headline, guessing something inside a closed box, guessing something behind a wall, walking/cycling/ shooting with eyes closed, playing games on a PC with eyes closed, etc. Brain Training or ESP Enhancement Programme has recently been spreading well all across the world. Generally speaking, the countries already conducting brain activation are: Japan, India, Singapore, Russia, Tibet, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ceylon, Australia, Thailand, China, Hongkong, and many other countries to follow. Japan has in fact conducted the research for 40 years. Other countries all apply scientific method (with technology).

Human Brain

According to the scientist's reviews, man only incorporates less than 10% of his brain capacity. This shows how awesome a human can be, if it's utilized more. Although man only uses less than 10% of his brain's ability, we can witness the created human cultures that are really extraordinary. You would surely agree if I said that as era changes from time to time and through centuries, it needs even more sophisticated human brains, since the challenges will be more difficult in the future, compared to now Therefore, man needs to reinforce his brain more sophisticated than before, in order to be able to overcome the challenges.

Man has as many as 1 trillion of brain cells. Compare with a bee which has only 7000 cells. With only 7000 brain cells, a bee is able to do incredible things such as establishing a very high precision house of honey, hexagonal in shape, where they can store maximum amount of honey with minimum materials. Many of our mathematicians are astonished by the bee's capability. So, if we compare with a bee which has only 7000 brain cells, a Man with 1 trillion brain cells shall accordingly be able to develop his brain's capability more awesome. Do you know that 1 brain cell of a man has a power capable to beat any most sophisticated computer??

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Human Brain Wave

Gama : Ideas, language and memory processing, and learning.

Beta : Alert, Busy, Active. Most adult in beta waves.

Alpha : Relax (access intuition/genius condition/brain optimum).

Theta : Deep meditation (almost sleep). Often feel spiritual experiences.

Delta : Sleep.

Genius condition doesn't refer to Intelligent Quotient only but also Emotional Quotient , Creativity Quotient and Spiritual Quotient.

What Is Brain Training?

Brain Training is a method to stimulate and make balance the left and right brains, including activating intuition capability, which lays in the right brain, so that the children would have capability to do things with their eyes closed. With this intuition active, when the children grow up their right brain would remains active and not dominated by the left Brain, providing they seriously practice it. So, nothing to wonder, this is the most spectacular method to activate the brain, and may be directly proven for its awesomeness after activation. So, if your child is still in his/her 4-16 years, you'd better not to postpone again and immediately conduct the activation, because after 16 years old, it's very difficult to do that. Please no regret if then the age passes by, because intuition is very difficult to be activated when a man gets mature.

Human brain consists of right brain and left brain, and they will function optimally if the left and right brains are in equilibrium. But this is a rare condition because most people develop and be mature while dominantly using their left brain. How can we make it balance, between the left and right brains? The answer is that the brain must be stimulated since our childhood, i.e., between the ages of 4-16 years.

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Need Of Efficient Brainy Brain Training

Common challenges faced by parents with Children :

No self-initiation for studies by children.

No concentration, Can’t sit in one place

Spending too much time with TV.

Addiction to computer games.

Emotional Imbalance & Difficulty in decision making.

Stress due to competition.

Low self Esteem & Lack of Confidence.

Peer Pressure & Parental Pressure

No sharing of feelings with their parents.

Fear of failure which holds them back.

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Benefits Of Efficient Brainy's Brain Training

During the Brain Training or ESP Enhancement Programme a child learns how to enter the condition of meditative geniusness in order to be able to SEE with eyes closed. The term "genius" here doesn't mean someone with IQ above 130, rather, it's the condition that if we are able to decrease the brain wave down to alpha-theta, our brain will function optimally. When the brain functions optimally, all human senses will be in their top performances including the capability of intuition, so that a child is able to do activities with his/her eyes closed.

We should know that, if your brain is able to be trained to enter this condition, you will even be able to do speed reding (reading a book, 1 page in 10 second), even more: with the book positioned upside down! So, the capability of blindfold, speed reading, faster memorization, and better concentration can be achieved if our brain successfully enters the genius condition (alpha-theta waves).

What makes a child have Midbrain Activation ability is the active intuition. What is intuition? Intuition is the man's capability to obtain perception regarding all matters instantly/real timely or "the capability to think without thinking". Another definition for intuition provided in site is: Intuition is a combination of historical (empirical) data, deep and heightened observation and an ability to cut through the thickness of surface reality. Intuition is like a slow motion machine that captures data instantaneously and hits you like a ton of bricks. Intuition is a knowing, a sensing that is beyond the conscious understanding - a gut feeling. Intuition is not pseudo-science. - Abella Arthur

Develops Concentration, so children can learn faster.

Stabilizes Hyper activeness in children.

Boosts Up Memory to recall when required.

Increased Creativity leads to Focus on Solutions.

Enhances ability to use Left & Right brain in TANDEM.

Increase in SELF-CONFIDENCE of children.

Improves Gross and Fine Motor Skills.

Efficiency in Learning and Absorption of Information.

Enhances IQ and EQ (Intelligent Quotient and Emotional Quotient).

ENHANCES Reading and Writing SKILLS.

Enriches all five sensory powers.

Hormonal balance leads to good Health.

Abilities Of Brain Training Program

Coloring: The children color a picture without overriding the boundary line.

Guess a color: The children are given small plastic Ball and asked to guess its color.

Guess a UNO card: The children are requested to guess a UNO card's color, Number Etc.

Reading a newspaper's headline. The text read is the one with large characters.

Walking with eyes closed. You may create obstacle using some plastic bottles and place it on the floor, making a line. The children must walk through the bottles without hitting them.

Cycling while their eyes closed.

Wherever necessary, you may conduct another test based on a child's hobby like playing Cricket, basketball, table tennis, carrom board, chess game, Rubik's cube, karate and Much more.

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