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Welcome to Efficient Brainy!

We have come up with a new oral tonic for our kids brain to empower its working capacity. As we all know Our brains generate a constant hum of activity: As neurons fire, they produce brain waves that oscillate at different frequencies. Long thought to be merely a byproduct of neuron activity, recent studies suggest that these waves may play a critical role in communication between different parts of the brain.

Base of such research studies we have launched a mind grooming product known as MBI (Mid Brain Ignition) and also we have tried to make a turning point in our children life by DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) by which we will come to the conclusion which field will be best for our kids future.

For creating better training environment enhance the inborn abilities of young children we always have group of professional experts from the field of Psychology, Neurology, Memory enhancement and all development of brain as a back bone.

Vision And Mission

Our Vision

Genius are countable our vision is to make uncountable genius in the world!

Our Mission

They will make the world peaceful, Creative, Dynamic for the betterment of the society.

  • To handle every situation of the life in correct way.
  • Overcome the weaknesses to grab the opportunities.
  • Empowering Memory to grab more knowledge.
  • Developing the interest in studies.
  • Overall Personality Development of your Children.

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Contact : +91 9742364096

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Here is an opportunity to own your own Franchise. We are expanding our programs via franchisee and partnerships. At Efficient Brainy, you become part of our team, and we are 100% committed to your Success.

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